Study Mongolian at Inner Mongolia University

If you want a formal education in Mongolian in Inner Mongolia, one of the few places to do that is at Inner Mongolia University in Hohhot. The school has a large number of foreign students. Most of them study Chinese, but there is a Mongolian language program as well. I pulled some contact information from the school’s website. If no one speaks English at one number, try calling another one.

International College of Education, Inner Mongolia University

235 Daxue West Road, Saihan District,
Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, P.R. China

Telephone:  0086-471-4992084 (office)    0086-471-4994359 (office)
0086-15947112215 (Jiyagatai)  0086-13404813406 (Surgalt)
0086-13734848799 (bayar)



A student of Mongolian living in Inner Mongolia.

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