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Site updates and other news

Suryaa 2.0 is out

You can download the updated version of the Suryaa Mongol flashcard program here. There are lots of bug fixes and an improved learning algorithm based on SuperMemo. Go to Settings > Help for a description.

Lessons 12-15 ready

I’ve been working on updating the lessons recently. The audio and vocabulary are done now for lessons 12-15 and I’ll be working on 16-20 in the coming days. There isn’t a lot of explanation but if you refer to the

Suryaa Mongolian flashcard app for Android

A new study app from is out for Android. It is called Suryaa, “Let’s study”. Use it as a flashcard program when you are memorizing vocabulary. Eventually I will put it on Google Play, but you can download it

Chimee Mongolian writing app for iOS is out

iPhone and iPad users can now use the Chimee Mongolian writing app to send messages in image form or Unicode text. Here is the link.

Mongolian input editor for Ubuntu Linux

If you use Ubuntu and you want to be able to enter Mongolian Unicode text on your computer, check out this post. It isn’t a very advanced input editor (because you have to know how the formatting characters work). But

Mongolian study books available in China

I added a list of books that are available in China. It includes textbooks, phrase books, dictionaries, handwriting practice, and children’s books. Here is the link.

Added full audio downloads for lessons 6-11

I added downloads for the full audio for lessons 6 through 11. This makes it easier to listen to while you are out and about. You can find them at the end of each lesson or on the downloads page.

Lesson 11 is out

It has been a looong time since I have added any lessons. I’ve recorded quite a few more but I just haven’t taken the time to edit them and put them online with explanations. Well, here is lesson 11.

Help page for Chimee app

There is a simple picture guide out now for using the Chimee app. If there are any words that you still can’t write then leave a message.

Mongolian Messaging App is finished

You can down download and try out the new Mongolian messaging app for Android phones and tablets. Here is the download page.