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I believe that learning is best facilitated when information in free and freely available. Therefore you are welcome to use anything I have made for this site. You may use it for any purpose (even commercial) and no attribution is necessary. That specifically includes all images. Most of the images and photos on this site I made or took myself. A few were from the public domain. If you discover an image that is copyrighted, then please contact me and I will remove or attribute it.

There are a few caveats. The main lessons are loose translations and adaptations of the Chinese textbook《汉语会话301句》published by Beijing Language and Culture University Press. I, of course, cannot give away any rights to the original text of this book. However, I give up any rights to any additional work that has been done, including English and Mongolian translations, lesson explanations, and audio recordings. The Supplemental Lessons are recordings from the Mongolian textbook モンゴル語入門 published by Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. I did not make these recordings. I only edited them and am hosting them. However, the English translations are mine and I give up any rights to them. If any of the above copyright holders have a problem with your content being on this site, then please contact me and I will remove it.

The Mongolian Culture, Grammar Reference, Survival Phrases, Pronunciation, and Writing pages are original works and you are free to use them as you like. That also goes for the Anki flashcard decks.

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