These are some books that are available in Inner Mongolia. Larger cities should have them, especially Hohhot (second floor of the Culture Market, Xinhua bookstores, Mongolian shops, Mongolian bookstores). Maybe I’ll add more description later but you can browse for now. You have a much better selection if you can also read Chinese.



MongolBooks-1 MongolBooks-3 MongolBooks-2


MongolBooks-4 MongolBooks-6 MongolBooks-5


Phrase books

MongolBooks-7 MongolBooks-9 MongolBooks-8


MongolBooks-11 MongolBooks-13 MongolBooks-12


MongolBooks-14 MongolBooks-15 MongolBooks-17 MongolBooks-16



MongolBooks-19 MongolBooks-21 MongolBooks-20


MongolBooks-29 MongolBooks-31 MongolBooks-30


MongolBooks-22 MongolBooks-24 MongolBooks-23


MongolBooks-25 MongolBooks-27 MongolBooks-28 MongolBooks-26


MongolBooks-32 MongolBooks-34 MongolBooks-35 MongolBooks-33


Handwriting practice

MongolBooks-36 MongolBooks-37 MongolBooks-38


Children’s books



MongolBooks-40 MongolBooks-41 MongolBooks-42


MongolBooks-43 MongolBooks-44

12 Comments on “Books

  1. Hello! Long time no see Suragch. I was wondering if you know where one can purchase any of the first five books online from America?

    • Some books are available on Taobao if you are able to read and write Chinese and have a Taobao account set up. Search for 蒙古语教材 or the book name. However, even if you find the book you want, I don’t know that the sellers will ship internationally.

      I’m not interested in doing international book selling myself, but if you are desperate to get a book and can’t find any other options then contact me by email or the contact form.

      • Thanks! Im sure we’ve talked since you responded but I didnt see your response till now. I can read Chinese. Ill check it out and can hopefully find an international seller. I hope your Mongolian education adventures are going well lately!

    • Probably will be a little hard to find these books there. The best you can do is to find it from here in Mongolia and have someone ship it to you.

  2. Hi,

    Nice website, Suragch. I just wanted to chime in here about purchasing books in the US. The Mongolia Society might still have Mongolian in Seven Weeks. They are a fairly reliable source for books within the US, although you sort of have to know what you want before you ask for it.

  3. Hello Suragch, I was unable to find the Mongolian in seven weeks book on sale anywhere, except by a secondhand shop which sold it for an absurd price of 6000 yuan. Can you link me to anywhere that sells it for a more reasonable price? I am able buy from Chinese websites.

  4. Hi Suragch, i was wondering if there are also books in Russian or in the cyrillic Mongolian script that you know about. if you know one it will help a lot, i have been searching one for over a year now and didn’t have any luck.
    greetings from the Netherlands and continue the good work, your site helped a lot.

    • There are quite a few books in Cyrillic Mongolian in the country of Mongolia. I’m not sure how you would go about ordering them online from the Netherlands, though.

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