For an in depth study of grammar you should check out the book Mongolian Grammar by Rita Kullmann and D. Tserenpil. You should be able to find it with a Google search.

I never got very far here. I may come back to this some day but this is all there is for now. If this is something you are interested in working on then contact me.


  • Verbs
  • Nouns
  • Adjectives
  • Numbers
    • Counting (1, 2, 3, …)
    • Ordinal (1st, 2nd, 3rd, …)
  • Adverbs
  • Spelling
  • Cases
    • Nominative
    • Genitive (my, his/her, your, etc. — iːn, ne)
    • Dative-Locative (in, at, etc. — tu/du)
    • Accusative (object of the verb — iːg)
    • Ablative (from — ɑːs, əːs, ɔːs, oːs)
    • Instrumental (by — ɑːr, əːr, ɔːr, oːr)
    • Comitative (with — tɑi, təi, tœː)
  • Reflexive suffix (ɑːn, əːn, ɔːn, oːn)
  • Particles
    • Question words
    • Negative particles
    • Modal particles