Year: 2014

Help page for Chimee app

There is a simple picture guide out now for using the Chimee app. If there are any words that you still can’t write then leave a message.

Mongolian Messaging App is finished

You can down download and try out the new Mongolian messaging app for Android phones and tablets. Here is the download page.

Testers needed for Mongolian writing app

I am almost done with an Android app to send messages in traditional Mongolian. It is primarily intended for sending messages on WeChat, but it should work with anything that can share images. I want to know if the app

Anki flashcards for learning the sounds of the traditional Mongolian alphabet

Last time I added a Mongolian Anki deck for the Mongolian Writing page, there was no sound. In order to help people get accustomed to distinguishing the pronunciations along with how they are written, I made a new deck. You

Study Mongolian at Inner Mongolia University

If you want a formal education in Mongolian in Inner Mongolia, one of the few places to do that is at Inner Mongolia University in Hohhot. The school has a large number of foreign students. Most of them study Chinese,

Learn to Read the Traditional Mongolian Alphabet with Anki

I added a new Anki Flashcard deck for the various forms of the traditional Mongolian alphabet. (See the page on Mongolian Writing.) You can download the deck here or learn more about Anki here.

Out with the Forum and in with the Blog

Basically no one was using the forum except for the spammers, so I deleted it. I was using it myself to announce updates, but I will do that here in a blog format in the future. Feel free to make