Chimee Help

Chimee Version 3.0


The YouTube video below shows most of the common functions. Feel free to ask a question below if there is anything that you can’t do.


  • Keyboard key: single tap to switch to the punctuation keyboard; long press to switch keyboard layouts
  • Long press keyboard keys to choose other other letters or written forms
  • Double tap the Mongolian A or E key to enter the final letter form for words like BAIN_A or SHIN_E
  • Double tap the Mongolian Comma key to enter a period/full stop
  • Swipe up on most keys as a shortcut to enter the first long press popup option
  • Long press the input window to get more editing options
  • Pinch the area around the input window (with two fingers) to change the window size and text size (vertical pinch and horizontal pinch)

Other functions not covered in the video

  • Settings: You can activate the Chimee keyboard to use as a system keyboard in any app. However, because of problems with the Android system font for Mongolian, certain words may not display correctly. You can try typing a double “I” for diphthongs. Ex, BAIIN_A
  • Settings > Code conversion: You can convert between Menksoft code and Unicode or analyze what code is being used. Chimee supports both Menksoft and Unicode. The Bainu app currently only supports Menksoft code.

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